Dolimite Jacket collar for replacement

Re: GB Leathers. SIDI resoling and leather alterations
by Galerie » Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:10 am Zx14r forum

Did a great job on my jacket.



GB Leathers. SIDI resoling and leather alterations
by Stirling » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:43 pm zx14r Forum....................Click on pic to see collar replacement

Thought I'd just let everyone know about this couple Bernard Woolmer and Gail Willoughby ( GB Leathers ) they have been mentioned a few times on other topics and I know Galerie has had a good experience with repairs to leathers.
On top of this they have recently started resoling Sidi boots as well. I stumbled across him with a recommendation from my local dealer. All I had to do was get the boots to him I just dropped them off but he has his own courier to collect and drop back afterwards if need be.
Bernard takes care of it all he even supplies the correct Sidi soles to correspond to the correct boot. This guy is a perfectionist he's even contacted Sidi to use the correct adhesive etc.etc.
Apart from being a top bloke as you can see from the photos he does a blinding job. They were just an old pair that were sitting at the back of the garage so I thought I'd let him loose on them first, but after seeing the job he did I've dropped my other Sidi ST's off to him today with no qualms.
I was so happy with the job he did I said I would let you guys on here know about him.I know he has been in contact with Simon about a discount for the forum but he's trying to get the prices down with his suppliers first.
Anyway I've done what I've said I would, Give the guy a try if you need this service you'll be well happy with the results.

Sidi boot resole pic by StirlingSidi Sole by Stirling


Peter Grub Sidi boot resole >
Subject: Re: Boot Repair
Date: 07 September 2013 12:18

Just wanted to thank you for repairing my Sidi Vertigo boots. Really impressed with the way you repaired the soles of my 42,000 mile pair of boots with the soles hanging off and made them like new again and ready for another 2 years of daily commuting! Much more cost effective than buying a new pair of boots!

See you soon
Kind Regards,

Toe Slider replacement from: Julian Grubb

Subject: repair of toe slider fitment on Sidi Motorcycle Boot - Julian Grubb
Date: 13 February 2014 22:30

Hello Bernard

I got the boot back today, the repair looks perfect, thank you for doing the
job so swiftly. I've looked at your website but cannot see how I can enter a
testimonial directly onto it so I hope you can insert the below text as a

From Julian Grubb, Solihull, West Midlands

When coming off my 'bike on a trackday at Cadwell Park in September 2013 I
got one of my feet trapped and a toe slider was ripped off my Sidi boot. The
tapped studs to which the sliders are screwed were yanked out also. I tried
a few motorcycling clothing retailers who stocked Sidi but none were able to
help. An internet search threw up Bernard's details; I noted that he
specialised in sole and zip replacements but I thought it was worth trying
him out for the repair I needed. I had photographed the damaged portion of
the boot and sent Bernard an image. He 'phoned me within a couple of days
and discussed options; Bernard was reluctant to ask me to send the boot to
him until he could get the replacement studs. When he received them from his
supplier he 'phoned me again and I sent the boot to him. The repair was
completed swiftly for a very modest fee and I am delighted with the result.
The boot is back to proper condition and hopefully will give me many more
years of service. Bernard has a very 'can do' attitude and I would recommend
his company unreservedly. Good motorcycle boots are expensive and it is
comforting to know that there is a specialist repairer available out there
who can tackle most of the repair challenges that bikers will face with
their boots.


Julian Grubb


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