Harley Springer saddle backe end view2

On December 6th 2012 we received a telephone call from our customer Kirk with an enquiry about his saddle bags for his Harley Davidson Heritage Springer.


Harley Springer Evo 1999

Kirk enquired if Gb Bike Leathers could line his saddle bags with plastic so that the bags retained their shape instead of looking slightly saggy.

This was the first time GB had been asked to do this so I suggested Kirk left the bags with me to see what we could do and I would get in touch when I was satisfied with my work for his approval. Kirk was in no rush and stated he would not need the bags until April 2013 so I could do them at my leisure.

A few days went by and I began to make a template, then cut the lining plastic from a sheet of ABS plastic. The ABS was sprung into place with a nice snug fit. The bag sprung to a reasonable shape so I called Kirk over for a viewing.

Between us we decided that by gluing the ABS into position, this would remove the slight ripples that still remained. Kirk went away and left me to do this.

In January I called Kirk for a second viewing and suggested he brought the second bag over as I was confident that he would be pleased with my work.

Kirk was very impressed with the results and stated he would recommend my work to his fellow bikers.

Harley Springer Evo Saddle Bag


Harley Springer Saddle bag side view after linning with Plastic ABS

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