AC Cobra hood beforeAC Cobra hood repair AC Cobra hood repair after

stitching reinforced to maintain endurance.

Mercedes Vito Van interior before leather upholstery Mercedes Vito Van Drivers Seat after We made Leather Seat Cover

Mercedes Vito Van interior before changing to leather. Driver's seat after making and fitting leather cover.

Mercedes Vito Leather Van seats


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Mercedes Vito Custom Leather Seats









Our own customised Mercedes Vito Van. The leather seats are made from top quality soft cowhide (approx 1.2-1.4mm thick) with some extra padding added to to the lumbar support area. The Mercedes bench seat is notoriously uncomfortable. The extra padding has made a vast improvement. The seats have been fitted with heater elements and work as good as Oem heated seats. Customise your dash board with this stick-on walnut dash trim available off Ebay. Make sure you use a panel wipe to remove all silicones, polish and grease from the dash before you attempt to stick the trim on, warm it up with a hot air gun to activate the glue. Looks really effective. Stainless door seals - off the net again. If you would like us to upholster your car seats like this give us a call. Drivers seat complete and fitted approx £500.00. Bench seat £800.00 (heater elements extra)







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