Sidi Boots pic Sidi boots resoledSidi Sole off picture Sidi boot and sole for replacement

Worn sole

-----------Inner soles come away from outer boot leather



GB Bike Leathers offers all brands of boot zip replacements. Resoling of Sidi boots.

GB is currently researching resoling other brands and will update the web site when we can offer customers this service.

GB is now able to offer resoling of Alpinestars road and motor cross boots. 20th May 2014



All boot zip replacements, this takes 3 hours per boot. Zips replaced with no.8 weight zip this means the zip is.8mm wide across the spiral teeth when the zip is closed.


We can fit a 10mm zip in most cases; however the slider is much bigger and the leather flaps will not meet when the zip is closed. If you have waterproof boots we do not recommend the larger zip. The Gore-Tex lining on Sidi Rain only goes as far as the edge of the boot and we do not have to remove this to replace the zips.





Other boot repairs

Boot zip replacementBike Boot repair before pic Bike Boot repair after pic Bike Boot by post pic

Boot zip removed Zip replaced Sidi Virtibra boot re-soled Sidi Vertibra rear view re-soled

ST after re-soledST side viewA busy day Sidi boot resoling all waiting to be done

Sidi boots after re-soling

Damged Sidi Boot for Repair Sidi boot inner and outer sole removed for boot repair

Some bikers just don't want to throw their boots away: we patched these up and fitted new soles - almost as good as new after a spit and polish!!

GB Bike Leathers has extensively researched the resoling of Sidi boots. GB has designed an air bag press and clamping system that firmly locates and presses the orginal manufacturer's soles to the boot. Rigorous testing was carried out to identify the correct adhesives for the job and on some styles of the boot we identified it was necessary to use two different types of adhesive. During the clamping process a metal plate is inserted into the boot to keep the boot in shape and also a "last" is placed inside on top of the plate preventing the boot from crushing. The air bag then pushes up against and around the sole perfectly pushing the sole onto the underside of the boot. We clamp the sole to the boot for 4 hours: this ensures the adhesive is completely cured. Without the air bag and clamping system it is virtualy impossible to attach the soles to the boots as the sole is not flat and the very edges are curved. If you have any questions please contact us.

GB Bike Leathers has now successfully resoled over 103 pairs of Sidi boots with original manufacturer's soles and counting daily.

Boots received so far have come from as far away as the Isle Of Man also Scotland. We believe that GB Bike Leathers is possibly the only business in the UK that offers a specialist Sidi boot resoling service. We are aware that some cobblers will attempt to stick the new soles on for you at your risk, but believe us we tried all sorts of methods to align and press the soles onto the boots. Poor results during research included heels coming away and boots crushed.

Please note we will not disclose the types of adhesives that we use. GB spent a considerable time researching this and feel this is confidential information.

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