and Gail Willoughby, Seamstress.

Bernard and I met 4 years ago. The business all started when I had problems obtaining leather leggings short enough to fit me, as I was 4' 11".

By designing and making my own pair of leather leggings we discovered a new challenge.

With Bernard's engineering skills for making our own tools and my tailoring design skills for alterations GB (Gail Bernard) Bike Leathers was born.

GB Bike Leathers has developed and expanded since then and gone from strength to strength on personal recommendations.


GB Bike Leathers has extensively researched the resoling of Sidi Boots. GB has designed an air bag press and clamping system that firmly locates and presses the original manufacturer's soles to the boot. Rigorous testing was carried out to identify the correct adhesives for the job and on some styles of the boot we identified it was necessary to use two different types of adhesive. During the clamping process a metal plate is inserted into the boot to keep the boot in shape and also a "last" is placed inside on top of the plate to stop the boot from crushing. The air bag then pushes up against and around the sole perfectly pushing the sole onto the underside of the boot. We clamp the sole to the boot for 4 hours; this ensures the adhesive is completely cured. Without the air bag and clamping system it is virtually impossible to attach the soles to the boots as the sole is not flat and the very edges are curved. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please note we will not disclose the types of adhesives that we us. We spent a considerable time researching this and feel this is confidential information.


Gail Bernie on Bike

2010 May Day Run to Hastings. Bernie Woolmer, Gail Willoughby.


Metal heads


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